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Dr. Jaume Puigagut




Associate Professor

Group of Environmental Engineering and Microbiology

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering(open in new window)

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Jaume Puigagut is currently Associate Professor at DECA (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering) at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He carries out his research and teaching activity within the GEMMA group (Environmental Engineering and Microbiology Group) which is recognized as a consolidated research group by the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) (SGR code: 1169).  Jaume Puigagut carries out lectures within the grade of Civil Engineering, Marine Sciences and Technology or Bioengineering, and also at MsC level at the Environmental Engineering MsC. Courses given encompasses topics regarding environmental technologies for water and waste treatment, applied ecology and biotechnology. Jaume Puigagut graduated in Biotechnology in 2001. He started his PhD within the same year. His PhD addressed the use of microorganisms (bio-monitoring) for better plant management and operation either for conventional or nature-based technologies. The PhD was carried out at the Animal Biology Department at the Faculty Biology of the University of Barcelona and was awarded with a Cum Laude grade. In March 2008, Jaume started his post-doctoral stage within the framework of a project carried out between the “Institut de Recherche en Biologie Végétal (IRBV)” and the “Université Polytechnique de Montréal”, in Montréal (Canada). Post-doctoral experience dealt with the use of nature-based solutions for the removal of phosphorus from fish-farming activities. His post-doctoral stage lasted 18 months.  In 2009 Jaume became Lecturer professor at the School of Civil Engineering (DECA Department) and was promoted to Associate Professor on September 2017. As professor at UPC, Jaume Puigagut has been carrying out multidisciplinary research based on the use of bioelectrochemical systems and low-cost sensors for the improvement of treatment and control of nature-based wastewater treatment technologies. Up to date, Jaume Puigagut has supervised 3 PhD thesis, and is currently supervising 2 more. He has been the IP or has been closely involved in more than 10 research projects (at national or international level). From his research activity, Jaume Puigagut has published 47 peer reviewed, JCR indexed, publications, and several book chapters. Jaume Puigagut has a h-index of 21 and has increased ca. 40% the number of citations during the last 5 years (Scopus data -2021).